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Curriculum Year 6

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Welcome to Class 6H (The Meerkats)!

Welcome to the Summer Term 2022! In year 6 this term, we have Mrs Hardy (class teacher), Miss Neath (support staff), Mrs Harper (higher level teaching assistant) and 28 pupils. We also have Mr Woods, our sports coach, teaching PE on a Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning and Mrs Panter teaching the class from 12pm on a Friday too. 


Please ensure your child has their PE kit on school on Tuesdays and Fridays.


This term we will become scientists, geographers, historians, mathematicians, writers, artists and designers and brilliant sportspeople! We will also be using our character muscles in many different ways. Information about the Year 6 curriculum can be found on this page of the school website and is updated throughout the year. Please also check our Facebook page regularly and the pre-learning slip on the Google Classroom for regular updates of your child's learning.


We expect the children to read at home at least three times a week and to have their reading records signed. I will collect the reading records in every Thursday to see how the children have been getting on with their reading at home. Homework is also set each week in the summer term.


At Kegworth Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum. This is a large document which can be found online and details what should be covered in the curriculum at Primary School. 


The children will complete their SATs assessments in reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling, and maths this term (Monday 9th- Thursday 12th May). The children will be prepared to complete these assessments and we endeavour to make the SATs week an enjoyable and positive experience for all of the children.


We will also be preparing the children for their transition to secondary school, with induction days taking place at the end of June.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please come and speak to me before or after school.

We look forward to another fantastic term!

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