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Who's Who

Mrs Tracey Robinson, Headteacher & Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Jane Panter, Deputy Head, Year 4 teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead,  English and Maths coordinator
Miss Sarah Cartwright, Deputy Head, Year 3 teacher, Science coordinator, & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Liz Baker, Year 3 teacher 

Mrs Laura Hardy, Year 6 teacher & SEN coordinator

Mr Owen Todd, Year 5 teacher

Mrs Joanne Pascoe, Year 4 teacher
Mrs Katie Tack, Year 2 teacher & KS1 Lead 
Miss Bessie Anderson, Year 1 teacher 
Miss Ami Booth and Miss Holly Farmer, EYFS teacher


Senior leadership team

Mrs Tracey Robinson

Miss Sarah Cartwright

Mrs Laura Hardy

Mrs Jane Panter

Mrs Katie Tack


Office staff

Mrs Sheena Dent, Office Manager

Miss Melanie Ince, Office Administrator 


Teaching assistants
Mrs Emma Harper, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms Jo Green, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Marianna Steel, Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Diane Wainwright, Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Gail Wilkie, Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Lois Sarson, Learning Support Assistant

Miss Cassie Reynolds, Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Michelle Roper, Learning Support Assistant, Mental Health first aider

Miss Danielle Aley, Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Belinda Hazell, Learning Support Assistant

Miss Sonia Morley, Learning Support Assistant

Miss Bec Waldron, Learning Support Assistant

Miss Rhiannon Fairbrother , Learning Support Assistant


Non-teaching support staff
Mr Dave Sharpe, Premises Officer
Mrs Gail Wilkie, Midday Manager

Miss Sonia Morley, Midday Supervisor

Mrs Belinda Hazell, Midday Supervisor

Mrs Grace Kelly, Midday Supervisor & Cleaner

Mrs Lauren Bent, Midday Supervisor

Miss Rachel James, Midday Supervisor & Cleaner
Mrs Gail Aldridge, Cleaner

Miss Jasmin King, Cleaner


Sports Coach

Mr Daniel Woods


Breakfast Club staff

Miss Jo Green, Coordinator

Mrs Diane Wainwright, Coordinator


After School Craft/ICT Club staff

Coordinators: Miss Danielle Aley and Mr Daniel Woods, 


After School Sports Club staff

Mr Daniel Woods


Peripatetic teaching staff

Mr Brad Burrow - Guitar Teacher

Mrs Liz Paling - Piano Teacher

Mr Ben Tennett, Drumming Teacher

Kitchen staff

Mrs Gail Aldridge, School Food Supervisor
Mrs Jennifer Corbett, School Food Assistant