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SUMMER 2 LEARNING GRID- What keeps us healthy?

Monday 06/07/2020 


TTRS: or


PE: A bit of dancing is an option for your PE this week. If you can video your dance, I’d love to see it.


Alternatively, you could do the mountain biking again, which I know is a favourite for so many of you.


English: 60 second reads(Granny’s first flight): As with last week, the intention for this read is that you do it quickly, but take it all in accurately. 


Maths: As part of the year four curriculum, there is a big emphasis on times tables, so have a go at a few of these games to increase your accuracy & speed.



PSHE: Happy face.

Look around your house or garden to find as many objects as you can to put together, and make a huge happy face picture.  Get creative! 

Afternoon activity: Since lockdown, I’ve been amazed at the amount of birds I’ve spotted in my garden. Some of you took part in our bird count at the beginning of home learning. Can you spot any different birds now, as the seasons have changed, that you didn’t see before?

Monday's Reading

Tuesday: 07/07/2020


TTRS: or


Maths: A video and worksheet, which you might find a bit of a challenge, but stop the video when you need to, to help you understand. Attached is the worksheet to go with the video. There are lots of ways that you could extend this activity by challenging yourself by making your own sequence. Start the video at 3mins 15secs as before that it looks at previous questions.


English: End of year memories: 

Using the attached sheet, complete your favourites of the year, attach your photo, then send it to me. I would like to make a booklet of our Leopard class to remember you all by. I’ll put it up in my classroom next year and you can come and have a look at it. 


Choose an activity from the new grid ‘How do we show we care?

Tuesday's English- My Favourites

Summer 2 Topic Grid- How do we show we care?


Hi Leopards, 

Below are a couple of riddles that I thought some of you might enjoy having a go at. I intend to put on a few each week to keep your brains ticking over. They are not specific to a subject and are entirely VOLUNTARY. 

Let me know what you think your answers are and I'll tell you what my answers are!


Week beginning 1st June

This week's riddles. Have a go and send me your answers. 

Riddle 1: Decode these riddles;

A) 26 L of the A

B) 7 D of the W

C) 1000 Y in a M


Riddle 2:  If you count 20 houses on your right going to the shops and 20 houses on your left coming home from the shops, how many houses did you count? 



Riddle 1:

A) 26 L of the A    = 26 letters of the alphabet

B) 7 D of the W    = 7 days of the week

C) 1000 Y in a M    = 1000 years in a millennia


Riddle 2:  If you count 20 houses on your right going to the shops and 20 houses on your left coming home from the shops, how many houses did you count? 

You have counted 20 houses, as you are counting the same houses on the way back as you did on the way there. 


Riddle 1

An empty bus pulls up to a stop and 10 people get on. At the next stop, 5 people get off and twice as many people get on as at the first stop. At the third stop 25 people get off. How many people are on the bus at this point?  

Riddle 2

What has one eye but can't see? 




We've had quite a few answers to both of the riddles, some very inventive. 

Riddle 1: Only one person got that correct. There are no passengers on the bus, but there is still a driver. The question asked how many people are on the bus? 


Riddle 2:  Some great answers: Callum said Cyclone or Tornado, which I hadn't thought about at all and Paddy suggested the London Eye, again a very good answer. Both of these make perfect sense, so it would be unfair to say they weren't correct.


So only one of you got them both 'correct' (as I see them & the book's answer wink). Well done, Anya, who correctly said 1 person (the driver) left on the bus and the sewing needle has one eye but can't see. 

Well done all of you for having a  go at these; I'll post some more after the half term holiday. 

Year 3 Curriculum

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