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Who's Who


Mrs Tracey Robinson, Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Leader

Mrs Jane Panter, Deputy Head, Year 4 teacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader & English coordinator
Miss Sarah Cartwright, Deputy Head, Year 3 teacher, Maths coordinator, & Designated Safeguarding Leader 

Mrs Liz Baker, Year 3 teacher & Inclusion coordinator

Mr Joe Turner, Year 6 teacher

Mrs Laura Hardy, Year 5 teacher

Mrs Gillian Moore, Year 4 teacher
Mrs Carol Authers, Year 2 teacher & KS1 Lead & English coordinator
Miss Kelsey Wilmot, Year 1 teacher 
Mr Alistair Parkin, Reception teacher & PE coordinator

Mrs Joanne Pascoe, additional teacher & Science coordinator


Senior leadership team

Mrs Tracey Robinson

Miss Sarah Cartwright

Mrs Jane Panter

Mrs Liz Baker

Mr Joe Turner


Teaching assistants
Mrs Emma Harper, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Jessica Sparano, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Katy Cussen, Teaching Assistant

Ms Jo Green, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Marianna Steel, Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Diane Wainwright, Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Gail Wilkie, Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Lois Sarson, Learning Support Assistant

Miss Sonia Morley, Learning Support Assistant

Miss Cassie Reynolds, Learning Support Assistant 

Mr Stephen Lambert, Learning Support Assistant

Office staff
Mrs Lynda Greasley, Office Manager

Miss Melanie Ince, Administrative Assistant


Non-teaching support staff
Mrs Sandra Rowbotham, Premises Officer
Mrs Gail Wilkie, Midday Manager

Miss Sonia Morley, Midday Supervisor

Ms Jo Green, Midday Supervisor

Miss Becky Swift, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Gail Aldridge, Cleaner


Sports Coaches

Mr Alex Palmer

Mr Daniel Woods

Mr Sunny Patel


Additional Teaching

Mr Brad Burrow - Guitar Teacher

Mrs Liz Paling - Piano Teacher

Kitchen staff

Mrs Gail Aldridge, School Food Supervisor
Mrs Jennifer Corbett, School Food Assistant 

Miss Tracey Flitton, School Food Assistant



STAFF GALLERY 1 Mrs Tracey Robinson, Headteacher
STAFF GALLERY 2 Mrs Jane Panter, Deputy Head, & Yr 4 Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 3 Miss Sarah Cartwright, Deputy Head & Yr 3 Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 4 Mr Joe Turner, Yr 6 Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 5 Mrs Liz Baker, Year 3 Teacher & SENCo
STAFF GALLERY 6 Mrs Carol Authers, KS1 Lead & Yr 2 Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 7 Mrs Laura Hardy, Yr 5 Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 8 Mrs Gillian Moore, Yr 4 Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 9 Miss Kelsey Wilmot, Yr 1 Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 10 Mr Alistair Parkin, EYFS Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 11 Mrs Jo Pascoe, Additional Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 12 Mrs Emma Harper, HLTA
STAFF GALLERY 13 Miss Jessica Sparano, TA
STAFF GALLERY 14 Ms Jo Green, TA & Midday Supervisor
STAFF GALLERY 15 Mrs Katy Cussen, TA
STAFF GALLERY 16 Mrs Gail Wilkie, LSA & Midday Manager
STAFF GALLERY 17 Mrs Diane Wainwright, LSA
STAFF GALLERY 18 Mrs Lois Sarson, LSA
STAFF GALLERY 19 Mrs Marianna Steel, LSA
STAFF GALLERY 20 Miss Sonia Morley, LSA & Crossing Patrol Officer
STAFF GALLERY 21 Miss Cassie Reynolds, LSA
STAFF GALLERY 22 Mrs Lynda Greasley, Office Manager
STAFF GALLERY 23 Miss Mel Ince, Administrative Assistant
STAFF GALLERY 24 Mrs Sandra Rowbotham, Premises Officer
STAFF GALLERY 25 Ms Gail Aldridge, School Food Supervisor & Cleaner
STAFF GALLERY 26 Miss Becky Swift, Midday Supervisor
STAFF GALLERY 27 Mr Alex Palmer, Sports Coach
STAFF GALLERY 28 Mr Daniel Woods, Sports Coach
STAFF GALLERY 29 Mr Sunny Patel, Sports Coach
STAFF GALLERY 30 Mr Brad Burrow, Guitar Teacher
STAFF GALLERY 31 Mr Jonathan Faulkes, Chair of Governors
STAFF GALLERY 32 Mrs Jane Leng, Vice Chair of Governors
STAFF GALLERY 33 Mr David Hayes, Governor
STAFF GALLERY 34 Mrs Brenda Langton, Governor
STAFF GALLERY 35 Mrs Victoria Cooper, Governor
STAFF GALLERY 36 Mr Steve Morton, Governor
STAFF GALLERY 37 Mrs Margaret, Thompson, Governor
STAFF GALLERY 38 Mrs Jenny Corbett, School Food assistant
STAFF GALLERY 39 Miss Tracey Flitton, School Food assistant