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Home Learning

Our home learning is to commence on Wednesday 6th January 2021. The class teacher emails are now in place and are as follows:


RB -

RF - 

1A - 

2T - 

3BC - 

4PP - 

5T - 

6H - 


These emails will be responded to between 9am-3pm Monday - Friday. 


There is an expectation that all the work will be completed and the class teacher will provide a timetable to support this. Your child may be asked by the class teacher to send evidence of their work e.g photograph of the work in their book. In addition to this work, there will be a daily Zoom lesson for each class which all children must attend. The purpose of this is to ensure learning is being accessed and to check on their happiness and well-being. The schedule for this is as follows: 


EYFS 1.30pm

YEAR 1 10.30am

YEAR 2 9.30am

YEAR 3 11.30pm

YEAR 4 9.00am

YEAR 5 11.00am

YEAR 6 10.00am


The first Zoom session will be on Friday 8th January to remind children of the online etiquette of Zoom. The first formal lesson will begin on Monday 11th January. Can we take the opportunity to remind you that a parent must be in the same room when Zoom is taking place. 


Can we also take this opportunity to thank you all for your on-going support during this challenging time. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any changes to the Government guidelines.