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Year 5 Class Letter- Summer Term 2019

Year 5 Topic Web- Summer Term- 2019

Year 5 Homework Bingo Grid- Summer Term- 2019

Year 5 Topic Web- Spring Term 2- 2019

Year 5 Homework Bingo Grid- Spring Term 2- 2019

Year 5 Class Letter- Spring Term 2019

Year 5 Topic Web- Spring Term 1- 2019

Year 5 Homework Bingo Grid- Spring Term 1- 2019

Year 5 Topic Web- Autumn Term 2- 2018

Year 5 Homework Bingo Grid- Autumn Term 2- 2018

Dear Parent(s),

Welcome to a brand new school year! I hope you all had a good holiday. As part of the ‘Tiger Tribe’ the children will work hard to be a happy, motivated and productive class. As part of the upper school they will be expected to set an excellent example to others, display outstanding behaviour, rise to the challenges and responsibilities given to them and become more independent.

I will be teaching the class alongside fantastic support from Miss Reynolds and Mrs Steel and PPA cover taught by Mrs Harper and Mr Woods. We all work very closely together to regularly assess, review and discuss issues that arise to ensure continuity and the best curriculum for the children.

This letter will give you some information about the learning that will take place in year 5. We would, however, like to share some more details with you on Tuesday 11th September at 5.30pm at the Year 5 induction evening. This will be an opportunity for you to meet me and for me to meet you.




Natural disasters/ hazards is our main topic focus for the first half term, with a strong geographical focus. We will look at various natural disasters, but focus mainly on flooding, as it is the one that affects us most in England. We will be using a new approach to teaching topic this year, focussing on critical thinking, using our own questioning, and research skills to find answers. This is an exciting time and I am sure we will see this approach help us across all subjects.


In computing, the children will be learning about the importance of online-safety and the key rules relating to this.




Initially, our first area of English will be a narrative unit called ‘The Storm’. The unit will allow the children to develop creative writing tools within their writing to create a descriptive piece of writing using a rich and varied vocabulary. Our non-narrative unit for this first half term will be a newspaper recount linked to our topic work on natural disasters/ hazards.

In addition to these lessons, your child will continue to learn reading skills in our whole class guided reading sessions. This half term’s text is ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio.


A reminder of the structure of the Retrieve, Interpret and Choice (RIC) sessions:


Retrieve - These questions will be something that all children can access and answer. It might be a number, a colour, something the children have to count, a fact or something they must spot to retrieve from the text or listen out for.

Examples: How many birds are in the video? What colour is Juliet's dress? How many ballet shoes are made each year? When does this film get released?

Interpret - This question should require children to use clues from actions or events. The answer should not be obvious in the media but should require some deduction and/or inference. Questions about feelings or reasons behind actions are quite common. With a sensible guess, children should be able to have a good attempt at this question. The children have to unlock the answers from the clues given.

Examples: Why did he go down that road? How is the rabbit feeling? How did they get out?

Choice - This question is about the creator's choice, not the choice of a character. Think about the creative elements which have been used to have an impact on the observer. The question will encourage children to think about why the creator made that choice so they can transfer this skill to thinking about the author's choice in books.

Examples: Why did the director use this music? How has the composer made you feel scared? Why did the producers put the information in text instead of spoken word?


Changing of their individual reading book will be the responsibility of the child; however, weekly checks of their reading record will be made to see if the children are reading at least three times a week. Children will be rewarded with class points if they have written in their records three times over a weekly period.


The teaching of spelling patterns and the Year 5/6 word list will take place four times a week. There will be no weekly spellings sent home but children are encouraged to practise spelling words from the year 5/6 spelling list at home. A copy of this list will be in their homework books. The class will also be completing the spelling shed activity daily on the chrome books.


Cursive handwriting will be expected from every child. This will be taught within grammar and spelling lessons. Please ensure that any tasks completed at home, including homework, are done so using neat. cursive handwriting.


Speaking and listening skills are extremely important and will be developed later this term through weekly presentations. The children will take it in turns each week to research a topic or hobby of particular interest to them, and then formally present it to the rest of the class. This gives the children the opportunity to speak in front of an audience and respond to comments and questions asked. Your child will have a week to prepare their presentation at home.





This half term we will be focusing on Number. To ensure your child has a secure understanding of mathematics we place a strong emphasis on Place Value as this is the backbone to their mathematical development. Over the first three weeks we will be exploring Roman numerals to 1000 and rounding to the nearest 10 up to 100,000s.


Once secure with place value we will be developing our understanding to add and subtract numbers, with more than 4 digits, using the formal written methods of column addition and subtraction, where appropriate. Throughout this unit we will be estimating and using inverse operations to check answers to a calculation as well as problem solving and reasoning, encouraging the children to apply their skills in everyday situations and to explain why an answer is correct or how they achieved that answer.

Please look at the school’s calculation policy on the website, which shows how written calculations are taught. This is great if you want to help your child at home.


During our regular fluency sessions, which focus on rapid recall of key calculations, we will be focusing on multiplication and division facts. The children will continue to play timestable rockstars on a daily basis. This is fundamental to all maths learning and therefore helping your child with this whenever you can, will be an added bonus.


Any practice you can do at home with your child would be a great advantage.

Here are some times table games that can be found via google; timestable rockstars, tables conga, hit the button and Oswego math magician.


Physical Development


The children will develop their skills of teamwork, attacking and defending within invasion games. Dance and gymnastics will include creating sequences to demonstrate to an audience. PE this term will be on Tuesday and Thursday but please make sure your child has full kit in school every day as we never know when plans may need to be changed. The kit should comprise of a white T-shirt and navy or black shorts and plimsolls or trainers for outdoors. In colder weather, children may bring jogging bottoms and a hoodie. Please be aware that unless there are adverse weather conditions, the class will be outside for at least one session, therefore they will need to bring appropriate clothing. All items must be named. Jewellery or earrings should not be worn during PE lessons. Earrings need to be removed or covered with tape, which you’ll need to provide, if they can’t be removed. Long hair must be tied back.

We are very lucky to be visiting Kegworth Bowls Club in the first three weeks of the autumn term to learn the skills of bowls and compete in a class tournament.

Later in the year, the children will be participating in the bikeability course, so any opportunity that they get at home to practise their biking skills will benefit them at this time.

Please note that the children will continue to take part in the Daily Mile and so should wear appropriate shoes to school, which they can run in comfortably.


Personal, Social and Health Education


We shall continue to encourage the children to take on more ownership of their learning, be responsible for completing homework and carrying out verbal as well as written instructions given to them by adults. Please encourage your child to continue this at home.

Please ensure that your child lines up with their class in the morning, with all equipment in their bags and walks into school independently. PLEASE NOTE, CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE ENTERING SCHOOL BEFORE THE MORNING WHISTLE UNLESS THEY HAVE A SPECIFIC REASON FOR DOING SO.THIS IS A HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERN; STAFF MAY NOT BE AWARE THAT YOUR CHILD IS IN SCHOOL.




The children will have a homework bingo sheet and can choose to complete one of the tasks each week during the half term. At the end of the half term, we will look through the homework completed together as a class. The children are still to use their homework books to record their homework each week. If your child has any questions about the homework tasks set, please encourage them to discuss it with me so I can support them through these tasks.


Class reward System


In addition to the school House point system and weekly star and behaviour certificates, 5H will also receive stickers for Tiger points which correspond to the Head Teacher Certificates of Bronze, Silver, Gold and so on.


Please feel free to make an appointment or pop in after school if you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s time in school or their learning.


If you have to take your child out of school for a hospital appointment, it is now procedure for you to provide proof of the appointment by a letter for the office to take a photocopy. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


If you are happy for your child to walk home after school on their own, please bring in a letter of written permission into the school office for our files.


On a final note, it is important that your child has access to drinking water throughout the day so can you please send them with a named water bottle to keep in the classroom. This will be in addition to any drink brought in for lunch time.


The 5H team are looking forward to working together to make your child’s year in the tiger tribe a rewarding and enjoyable one.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Laura Hardy.

Year 5 Topic Web- Autumn Term 1 2018

Year 5 Homework Bingo Grid- Autumn Term 1 2018



Try this website, Tigers, to help you practise and recall your times-tables.


Children's Reading Book List Year 5